Bridging between Real World and Crypto Assets

Improving SafetyEnhancing Yield

Full Transparency
Daily mark-to-market and NAV statements allow for full asset transparency and daily deposit & redemption
Eliminate Counterparty Risk
Enhanced protection with assets held in escrow on behalf of investors and exchanges
Bankruptcy Remote
Independent third-party structure that protects your assets from any fraudulent activities such as loss of tokens.
Structure is not be subject to any claims from centralized exchange even in the unlikely event that all entities are insolvent.
Regulated Infrastructure & Partners
Fully regulated infrastructure and ecosystem partners to allow for seamless access to markets
The FIRST RWA token to be accepted as collateral
Growth of Hypothetical USD 10,000
US Government Treasuries
Crypto Trading Return
Total Enhanced Profit
Yield Enhancement
Increase yield by investing in high-quality liquid assets
First Class Liquidity
Purchase USGB from the secondary market where top market makers provide liquidity
Earn sustainable yields from AAA-rated assets with 24/7 instant settlement
Easy Access
Deposit and redeem using multiple options - USD / USDC / USDT / Treasury bills to receive the USGB tokens
Get started
Please contact inquiry@peach.teach for onboarding.