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Peach Fuzzer: Custom Pit Development Training (San Jose)

When: February 13th-15th

Where: San Jose Airport Regus


The three-day Peach Fuzzer Custom Pit Development Training course is here! Learn how to develop a custom Peach Pit for use with Peach Fuzzer. Details on the course objectives are below. This intimate, hands-on course has a limit of 12 participants.

Peach Fuzzer Custom Pit Development Training – February 13-15th

Fuzzing is the technique of finding flaws and vulnerabilities in solutions through data mutation. It is a preferred way for attackers to discover vulnerabilities in systems. Peach Fuzzer is the most innovative generational and mutation fuzzing framework. From inception, Peach was designed to find security vulnerabilities. It has already been adopted by many organizations as their standard fuzz testing platform.

The course is designed to be student-centric, hands-on, and intensive. Students will be introduced to the Peach Fuzzing Platform from a practitioner’s perspective. Students will be taught how to create custom fuzzing definitions for use with Peach Fuzzer Enterprise to test proprietary protocols and file formats.

The class takes hands on approach to learning how to use the advanced capabilities of Peach Fuzzer Enterprise to fuzz protocols not currently supported by Peach.  The course content is a mixture of lecture, hands on exercises and labs.  Additional labs are provided for advanced students.
The class has a high interaction level between student and instructor. Students are expected to create several working fuzzing definitions (pits) during the lab portion of the class.

Student Take Away

Each student will walk away with:
-Understanding of what fuzzing is and how fuzzers work
-Usage of Peach Enterprise to fuzz targets using included library of pits
-Fuzzing methodology for both file and network based fuzzing
-Understanding of how to write basic smart fuzzing definitions (pits)

Each ticket covers the three-day training course (9:00a to 5:00p each day) for one (1) person. Coffee, continental breakfast service, and catered lunch service will be provided all three days.