The Peach Fuzzer Platform

It’s fast. It’s smart.
And it’s up to the challenge.

Our peachiest creation yet.

Peach Fuzzer Platform features:
  • An extended library of Peach Pits
  • An easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Advanced monitoring capabilities
  • Improved components for logging and publishing
  • A new data analyzer with supporting data modeling elements
  • Cross-platform support for Windows, Linux and OSX
  • Robust support administered by security specialists

Peach Tech set the standard for fuzzing technology over ten years ago with Peach Fuzzer Community tool, the open source version of Peach Fuzzer. Today’s vastly improved version of Peach Fuzzer has continued to out-fuzz the competition in innovation, usability and, most importantly, powerful threat detection.

Want to know more about the inner workings of our platform? Explore our Datasheets for in-depth product descriptions, code examples, feature lists and more.

The Perfect Pairing

Learn more about how our Peach Fuzzer Platform and Peach Pits work together to expose crashing bugs, exceptions, unstable states and other faults.

How Smart Is Your Fuzzer?

Unlike “dumb fuzzers,” which operate with little or no awareness of the target being tested, “smart fuzzers” like Peach Fuzzer use application-aware modeling to generate intelligent test cases.

With the introduction of data and state modeling, Peach Fuzzer changed the future of fuzzing technology. Smart fuzzers now “understand” what valid data should look like in a given test scenario, maximizing test coverage and precision.

Intelligent fuzzing capabilities help users find more of the hidden bugs attackers look for. And when it comes to smart fuzzing, Peach Fuzzer is at the top of its class.

Why Fuzz With Peach?


The Peach Fuzzer Platform can be extended to keep up with the scale and complexity of your testing needs.

Actionable results

The Peach Fuzzer Platform provides detailed and reproducible results that pinpoint security issues and ensure validity.

Ease of use

The Peach Fuzzer Platform includes enhanced reporting templates and an enhanced web-based graphical user interface.

Intelligent fuzzing

Peach Fuzzer is a “smart fuzzer” that combines automated generational and mutational fuzzing, state awareness and advanced mutators to deliver precise testing results.


Peach Fuzzer allows users to select the monitors and settings that fit their test target, resulting in more efficient testing and more detailed, usable results.


Peach Fuzzer automates test case generation and other parts of the testing process to maximize results while saving time and effort.

Robust support

All Peach Fuzzer users have access to product documentation, help desk, email support and user forums as well as training options.

End-to-end testing

Peach Fuzzer provides maximum accuracy and productivity throughout the security development lifecycle.