Peach Pits

Jumpstart your fuzz
with the perfect Pit.

Find or create the right test definition for your target.

Our core fuzzing engine is powered by test definitions known as Peach Pits. Available as individual Pits or in themed sets called Pit Packs, each Pit contains testing specifications suited just for your test target. These specifications allow you to configure your bench setup. They are stored in a file that Peach Fuzzer replays whenever you run a fuzzing session with the selected Pit.

Explore our Peach Pit library.

View our list of available Pit definitions below. Not finding what you need? Contact us and we’ll help you determine which of our Peach Pits or Pit Packs are right for your testing needs.

Industrial Control Systems Pit Pack
Focuses on fuzzing protocols commonly used in SCADA and Industrial Control Systems and includes the following:
Internet-of-Things Pit Pack
Network Discovery Pit Pack
Focuses on locating IP addresses and configuration information, and includes the following protocols:
Network Management Pit Pack
Focuses on network management functions and includes the following protocols:
Network Routing Pit Pack
Includes the following protocols:
Network Services Pit Pack
Focuses on information exchange, such as file transfers and time synchronization. This Pit Pack includes the following protocols:
Web Protocol Pit Pack

What's in a Pit?

Our prewritten Peach Pits and Pit Packs are thoroughly tested by our development team before release. Each Peach Pit contains the following:

  • A description of the data layout to test
  • The agent, monitors and I/O adapter to use in the fuzzing session
  • Setup parameters, such as Port or Log Folder, to use in the fuzzing session

With access to the right Peach Pits and the Peach Fuzzer Platform, you have everything you need to get started. Let us show you how.