Peach Pits

Jumpstart your fuzz
with the perfect Pit.

Find or create the right test definition for your target

Peach Fuzzer uses definition files called Peach Pits to generate the fuzzed data consumed by the test target. Our Peach Pits Library provides a jumpstart for users fuzzing common file formats and network protocols. Users can also create their own Pits to fuzz proprietary systems, software, and protocols.

Explore our Peach Pit library

Our flexible licensing model provides access to the Peach Pit Library via Standard or Premium selections. Users can scale the license based on how often they will be fuzz testing rather than what they will be fuzz testing. Individual Peach Pits are still available to license for those with a narrow use case or high frequency test requirements.

Contact us and we’ll help you determine what’s right for your testing needs.

What's in a Pit?

Each Peach Pit defines the following:

  • What is the structure of the data the target consumes
  • How does data flows to/from the target
  • Configurable parameters such as target Ip and port

With access to the right Peach Pits and the Peach Fuzzer Platform, you have everything you need to start fuzzing. Let us show you how!