Peach Fuzzer

Fuzzing Redefined

If you can build it, Peach can fuzz it.

More options. More protection.


The Peach Fuzzer Platform, paired with our industry-focused Peach Pits, can test virtually any system for unknown vulnerabilities. From common test targets to complex proprietary systems, Peach Fuzzer is up for the job.

There’s no limit to what and how you can fuzz with Peach Fuzzer’s innovative security testing products. To learn more about our Platform and Peach Pits, explore our informational Datasheets.

The Peach Fuzzer Platform

Our acclaimed automated fuzz testing platform gives users the tools to secure their products by eliminating potential security threats before deployment and release.

Peach Pits

Select a prewritten test definition to get fuzzing today. Or, create your own Peach Pits to fuzz proprietary systems, software, and protocols.

The Peach Fuzzer Platform

Don’t be afraid of the unknowns.

A state-of-the-art fuzzing engine and a convenient graphical user interface come together to create the world’s most advanced fuzzing tool. The Peach Fuzzer Platform has been enhanced to maximize test coverage, control, precision and efficiency. Peach Fuzzer now also provides a seamless user experience across Windows, Linux and OSX.

The Peach Fuzzer Platform uses automated generative and mutational modeling and intelligent test case generation to reveal the hidden bugs that other testing methods miss. Detailed reports provide the information you need to find and fix potential security threats before product release.

Peach Pits

Test definitions to get you up and fuzzing

With the Peach Fuzzer Platform, you have almost everything you need to start fuzzing. There’s just one more bit of information the software requires to run a fuzzing session: a test definition, known as a Peach Pit. Each Pit contains specifications that fit your test target, allowing you to target your fuzz testing.

Choose from our extensive library of predefined Peach Pits to get up and fuzzing fast.

How Does Peach Work?


Find your perfect pit.

Select the fuzzing definition (or Peach Pit) that fits your test target. 


Set your test monitors.

Select and configure the monitors for your bench setup using our web-based interface.


Sit back. Relax. Let Peach do the heavy lifting.

Start your testing session. The fuzzer provides detailed, real-time status updates and reporting as it logs potential vulnerabilities and collates relevant data.


Get your report.

Logging and fault reproduction confirms the validity of each found issue and identifies any relevant surrounding data. Peach also assesses threat levels so you can best prioritize and focus your resources.


Fix it. Protect it.

Armed with your detailed fuzzing report, you have the information you need to eliminate vulnerabilities and protect your systems against attack.

We’ve never met a target we couldn't fuzz

Peach Fuzzer identifies security gaps in a wide range of test targets.

File consumers
Network protocols
Embedded protocols, devices, and systems
Proprietary systems and protocols
Internet of Things

Wondering whether Peach Fuzzer can fuzz your product? Contact one of our fuzzing specialist to find out how we help you meet your security testing needs.