Why Fuzz?

Why fuzz (with Peach)?

More and more top companies and government organizations around the world are using Peach Fuzzer to secure their software and hardware systems. The reason is clear: Peach’s revolutionary fuzzing engine outperforms its competitors, discovering unknown system vulnerabilities like no other testing method can.

What makes fuzzing with Peach so effective?

We don’t just scan—we uncover.

Rather than just looking for known issues, fuzzing uncovers new, previously undetected bugs and system faults. Fuzz testing takes users deeper than scanning. Move beyond pre-canned test cases and dumb protocol testing to discover the hard-to-find flaws attackers look for.

Break it to protect it.

Peach allows you to outsmart attackers by using their own tactics against them. Fuzzing is one of the main ways hackers look for exploitable system vulnerabilities. Using fuzz testing, developers and testers can “hack” their own systems to find potential security threats before attackers can.

Say goodbye to zero-day attacks.

Launch your product with the knowledge that you’ve proactively tested your entire system for hidden bugs and security defects. Fuzz testing saves you the time, cost and potentially disastrous fallout of discovering security problems after your product has shipped.

The short and sweet of it? Zero-day events are costly.

If you don’t fuzz your software, someone else will. Fuzzing allows you to find and fix security threats before your product launches, saving you the time and cost involved in security breaches.

Not all fuzzers are created equal.

When it comes to protecting your system, not just any platform will do. Here are just a few of the capabilities that make Peach the industry’s go-to fuzzer:

“Smart fuzzing”

Why use a “dumb fuzzer” that operates without any understanding of the system or protocol being tested? Choose Peach, a “smart fuzzer” that uses application-aware modeling to create intelligent test cases.

Ease of Use

Peach minimizes the time, effort and cost of fuzz testing. Our web-based GUI makes using Peach simpler than ever, and out-of-the-box Peach Pits allow users to test common targets fast.


You want a fuzzer that can target exactly what you need to fuzz, exactly how you need to fuzz it. Peach’s control options allow you to dial in the parameters of your testing session to obtain more precise and actionable data.


Vulnerability testing doesn’t have to be labor intensive. A fully automated test environment increases productivity while reducing the amount of human interaction needed while the fuzzer is running.


Your fuzzing platform should be able to match your specific testing needs, no matter your industry, product or project scale. Peach Fuzzer has the flexibility to support limitless customization and scaling.