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Teaming up to take security to new places.

Our partners around the world leverage and extend the Peach Tech solutions to provide clients with the most comprehensive security coverage possible. Working closely with your team, they can help you automate your security testing by providing guidance on solutions, workflow, and organizational security strategy.

Meet Peach Tech’s partners below or contact get in touch to learn more about partnership opportunities.


Global - Common Criteria

Lightship Security

Peach Tech has partnered with Lightship Security to create a custom solution to support Common Criteria Protection Profile testing. The Peach Fuzzer Common Criteria Testing Solution (“CCTS”) has been specifically designed for labs and vendors to help meet the prescriptive vulnerability assessments for CC certification now mandated by many schemes.

The CCTS can be delivered and supported by Lightship on premise or as a service during product development and through formal certification. This partnership is another way customers can drive Common Criteria certification and fuzz testing at the speed of development.


Trinity Software and Beyond

Trinity Software & Beyond Ltd is a software development house for exceptional projects, and reseller of market-leading products for software security, reliability, quality and productivity. With experience that is highly respected in the industry and dedication to fully addressing customer needs, our mission is to continue successfully delivering projects and products meeting our customer’s requirements for quality, timely delivery and budgetary control. We provide a complete suite of services, including implementation, integration, training, support, professional services and consultancy.


Barbus Technology

Barbus Technology is a test equipment and test solution distribution company that was founded in 2007 in Shanghai, China to meet the needs of local customers for telecom and security test solutions.

DT Networks

DT Networks has spent more than nine years focusing on selling advanced network testing tools and services. Their customer base includes industrial networks, telecom, auto-electronic, software and test labs.

Mainway Technology Co., Ltd

Mainway Technology Co., Ltd is a professional security products and security services provider in China. Their security products and services are based in SDL, including security development, security testing and security operation.

Infotech Beijing Ltd.

Infotech Beijing Ltd. is a leading high technology trading company in China. We focus on security testing software, security testing equipmen, and telecom testing equipment.  The company also provides a comprehensive solutions for evaluating and monitoring software on enterprise network performance, business performance and security performance.  We also provide bank big data analysis consultation to meet all different requirements from our clients.


Nihon Cornet

Nihon Cornet Technology in Japan specializes in the supply of Cyber Security technologies. Operating since 1998, the company’s customers range from major Telecomms Carriers, Test Labs, Defense, SCADA industries and financial sector suppliers to enterprises. Nihon Cornet supplies Peach Fuzzer solutions to those customers.

South Korea

INSEC Security

Headquartered in South Korea, INSEC Security is a leader in information and security, digital forensics, and mobile forensics. They specialize in vulnerability assessments, ethical hacking, penetration testing, forensic investigations and computer security incidents, as well as providing digital forensic tools, penetration testing, vulnerability analysis, and automated black box testing solutions to help organizations investigate and respond to security incidents.

They also provide security consulting services including web application testing and network penetration testing. In addition to the solutions and consulting business, they provide customized network security training in digital forensics, cybercrime and malware analysis.

Consulting Partner

Deja Vu Security

Deja vu Security is a trusted provider of information security research and consulting services to some of the world’s largest companies. Deja vu focuses on helping clients build secure solutions. They work with their customers to balance their business and security needs while providing a full-range of security services.

Deja vu’s consulting services may include:

  • Peach deployment and customization
  • Pit customization
  • Peach Training
  • Fuzz testing assessment
  • Penetration testing

Partner with Peach Tech.

If you are interested in partnering with Peach Tech as a Reseller, Consulting Partner or OEM, contact us at partnerships@peachfuzzer.com.