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What is Fuzz Testing?


There’s an old adage about an infinite number of monkeys given an infinite amount of time being able to write Shakespeare. At the risk of mixing metaphors, you might think about fuzz testing as an infinite number of monkeys trying to hack a computer.

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Rethinking DevOps as DevSecOps


If you’re not already thinking right now that your DevOps teams should be run like a DevSecOps team, you may already be in a world of hurt. Time to wake up! As the adoption of APIs continues to grow, so do the risks to organizations that don’t actively test the security of their solutions.

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Peach API Security Whitepaper


Why isn’t security baked into your build process? With so many development teams using agile frameworks, manual security testing seems out of place. Check out our free whitepaper to see how we designed Peach API Security to integrate automated security testing of your APIs into the development lifecycle.

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OWASP Top-10 highlights API risk – A positive evolution


By all accounts the updated OWASP Top-10 will include Underprotected APIs as one of the top 10 threats faced by developers and organizations. Peach API Security addresses this blind spot directly: securing SOAP/XML and REST/JSON formats against the top 10 identified risks, including injection, broken authentication, XSS, CSRF. When we designed Peach API Security, we adopted APIs-first as our security mentality, and developed this as an automated tool that puts the Sec in DevSecOps.

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Official Launch: Peach API Security


We are delighted to announce that the 1.0 version of Peach API Security has been shipped! Find out more about how you can secure your web APIs against the OWASP top-10 and PCI section 6.5.

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Introducing FuzzQual: Benchmarks For Testing, Verification, and Compliance


How much fuzz testing is ‘enough?’ We set out to answer this question by leveraging our years of experience in developing the world’s most advanced fuzz testing platform. Now, we’re thrilled to share the news: the Peach Fuzzer team has established a set of standardized fuzz testing benchmarks known as the FuzzQual Testing Framework.

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Peach Is A Better Alternative to Synopsys’ Defensics


Technology firms want to provide secure products and services to their customers. In order to do so, they need to find possible security issues early during the development lifecycle and in an automated manner. Increasingly, technology companies like HP, Mitsubishi, VM Ware, and Axway are turning to both robustness and fuzz testing.

Over the past decade, Peach Fuzzer CEO, Akshay Aggarwal has observed the following five components necessary for successful security testing solutions…

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Have You been Keeping Up?


Here at Peach Fuzzer we’ve already had a very productive 2016!  We thought you might like to look at the dozens of new protocols and industries Peach now supports. Check out the links below and explore how the power of Peach Fuzzer and its out-of-the-box fuzzing capabilities ensures you discover your unknown security vulnerabilities.

Link: Pit Packs datasheet

Link: Automotive industry sheet

Link: ICS industry sheet

Link: IoT industry sheet

Link: Healthcare industry sheet

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What’s New in Peach Fuzzer 4.2 (2016 Q3)


The Peach Fuzzer Q3 release includes a new flexible licensing model and introduction of the Peach Web Proxy.


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What’s New in Peach Fuzzer 4.0 (2016 Q2)


The Peach Fuzzer Q2 release includes a new major version number, several breaking changes, new Peach Pits, and improvements to web services fuzzing.


Peach Fuzzer – Release Notes – 4.0f

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What’s New In Peach V3.9 (2016 Q1)


The Peach Fuzzer Q1 release includes a good mix of new features, improvements, and new Pits.

Peach Fuzzer – Release Notes – 3.9

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Converting Pits from Peach V2.3 to Peach V 3.X


The changes needed to enable these pits to run in the current version include
a few global issues; advancements in methodology that translate to changes in the
description language; and product improvements, bug fixes and enhancements.

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What’s New in Peach v3.5 (2015 Q1)


The creators and distributors of Peach Fuzzer are launching two new solutions at the RSA Conference 2015 the week of April 20th to 24th: Peach Test Suites and Peach Fuzzer Enterprise Solutions.

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