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For over a decade, Peach Tech’s groundbreaking security testing software has helped users protect their products against attack. What began as a passion project became our widely used Peach Fuzzer Community Edition, an open-source platform that gave developers and testers a powerful new way to detect unknown vulnerabilities.

But we didn’t stop there. Over the years we’ve grown with the needs of the security industry. Peach Community Edition evolved into the world’s most advanced fuzzing engine: The Peach Fuzzer Platform. Driven by our clients’ security and business demands, our team created Peach API Security to automate testing of APIs.

Peach Tech's People

Meet the security experts and industry veterans who lead the Peach Tech team.

Peach Tech's Partners

Meet the worldwide partners who help deliver the most respected security software solutions.

Peach Tech’s people

Coding Locally. Securing Globally.

Peach Tech was founded by a group of information security veterans with leadership experience at Microsoft, Amazon and HP. They draw on over thirty years of experience as “ethical hackers” to turn attacker methodology into powerful and accessible tools for security enterprises.

Our founders lead a team of security researchers who are passionate about solving complex problems, pioneering innovative solutions and continuing to set the global standard for automated security testing technology.

Our Leadership

Akshay Aggarwal

Chief Executive Officer

Akshay is a passionate entrepreneur with over ten years of leadership experience at Microsoft and other technology companies. He holds an MS in Computer Science from UC Davis, where he researched Internet worms and intrusion detection systems at the renowned Computer Security Lab. Akshay has helped many organizations achieve a balance between their business needs and their security goals.

Michael Eddington

Chief Technical Officer

Michael is the principal architect of both the Peach Fuzzer and Peach API Security Platforms. An authority on embedded system security, cloud security and application security, he has worked for leading technology companies including Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft. Michael has participated in a number of open-source security development projects ranging from threat modeling (such as the Trike threat modeling conceptual framework) to fuzzing.

Adam Cecchetti

Executive Chairman

Adam is dedicated to the leadership and relentless innovation of Peach Fuzzer’s products and services. Previously he has lead teams conducting application and hardware penetration tests for Fortune 500 technology firms. Adam is a contributing author to multiple security books, benchmarks, tools and DARPA research projects. He holds a degree in Computer Science and a Masters from Carnegie Mellon University.

Our Partners

Peach Tech partners with trusted companies and security professionals around the world to help our users get the fullest benefit out of their Peach Tech products and solutions.